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About Us Page:

After working for over 20 years for a not-for-profit all girls’ middle school in New York City,  I was inspired to develop my longtime passion of baking and decorating and pursue a business in cupcakery.

As a self taught baker, Milagros LaRosa, began her curiosity in art and baking as a young girl.  During her elementary school years Milagros spent her time in the culinary section of the library checking books out about baking and going home to experiment.  With her love of art, baking, decorating and making people happy, it was the perfect combination for starting a cake business.  After two decades of experimenting, taking baking and cake decorating classes, and fine-tuning her unique design aesthetic, it was the right time for Milagros to start LaRosa Cupcakes.
  * Please note:  We are not a nut free establishment.

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